Timeline of Martin Luther's Life

1483 Luther is born in Eisleben (November 10)

1497 Luther attends school

1501 Luther goes to University of Erfurt

1505 Earns Master of Arts, starts to plan for law school

1505 Caught in a thunderstorm, pledges to become a monk (July 2)

1507 Starts the study of theology at University of Erfurt

1517 October 31- Nails 95 Theses on the castle church door

1521 Excommunicated in Rome (January 3)

1521 Goes to Diet of Worms (April 16)

1521 Returning to Eisleben from Worms (April 25)

1521 'Kidnapped' by Frederick, taken to Wartburg Castle (May 4)

1522 Translated New Testament into German

1524-25 The Peasants' War

1534 Translated Full Bible into German

1546 Death of Luther in Eisleben (February 18)