Going in Hiding: German Bible

Luther had planned that he was to be kidnapped (or at least that's what he wanted other people to think) by one of his friends, Frederick the Wise on his way back home from the diet of worms. He was to be hidden at Frederick's castle, Wartburg Castle which is in Eislenach for one year at least. Frederick arranged for him to be kidnapped by some masked horsemen.

During that time, Luther had grown a wide beard. He disguised himself as a knight named 'Knight George' when he needed to. Also, during his hiding, Luther was secretly translating the New Testament part of the Bible into German. He wanted to prove that the church was no longer as religious as it was, but beginning to turn into a thing that could make money for the Pope. The New Testament was later published (or printed, since they didn't have printers back then) in September 1522.   


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 Even though Luther stayed away from public by hiding in the castle, he often recieved letters from his friends, asking for his views and advice on what they should do. But the secret was well kept. There were rumors going around at that time. Some people even said he was dead.

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