The Peasants' War

From 1524-1525, there was a Peasants' War. Peasants thought that if Martin was going to reform the church, then maybe they could have a chance to change their lives of being peasants too.

They wanted to gain support from Martin, but Martin himself did not want to change so many things, so he never really gave support to them.

But later on, more started to realize that there was going to be no support from Martin or the church. So the war in Germany ended in 1525. 


On June 13, 1525, Luther married a nun called 'Katharina Von Bora. But back then nuns and monks were not allowed to marry. They had promised to spend the rest of their lifes for god.

Luther helped Katharina to flee from the nunery. It was said that he hid her in a barrel and took her out of the temple. Then after that they got married (Katharina was 16 years younger then Luther. A lot of people (including Katharina's friends, family etc.) rebelled against this.   

But despite all of this they still got married in the end. It was said that Luther did not have a single clue on how to run a household. So Katharina had to run most of the household. She proved herself to be a good gardener and housewife. They had six children.

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