Timeline of Queen Mary I

1516 - Queen Mary I (1516-1558) was born in Greenwich

1553   6 July - Her half brother, King Edward VI dies leaving the throne to Protestant 'Lady Jane Grey' and her heirs male' instead of Mary

July 10 - Lady Jane Grey is proclaimed Queen of England

July 19 - Lady Jane Grey was deposed as Queen and Mary finally takes the crown as Queen Mary I of England

1554  12 February - Lady Jane Grey is executed at the Tower of London due to Queen Mary's order

18 March - Mary sends Princess Elizabeth to the Tower of London under suspicion of being involved in the Wyatt Rebellion

19 May - Elizabeth is released from the Tower of London

25 July - Queen Mary I marries Philip of Spain (who becomes King Philip II of Spain). She was 11 years older than Philip. England is forced to return back to Roman Catholicism by Queen Mary. Her hatred of Protestants lead to their persecution and 300 are burnt at the stake which later on gave her the nickname 'Bloody Mary'

1555 - Queen Mary accepts Princess Elizabeth as heir to the throne

October 16 - Philip II leaves Mary and returns to Spain

1558  November 17 - Queen Mary I dies at St. James's Palace in London

Portrait of Queen Mary I

This is a portrait of Queen Mary I. In this picture, she is sitting down on a chair with her hands in her lap. Her red and gold clothing and accessories show herself as a Queen, making her look very royal and wealthy.

Her expression is very serious and strict, telling people that she is very strict, powerful and can rule her country well. Her expression also shows how cold her heart is, which can make you imagine why she was called 'Bloody Mary' better.

Another Picture of Queen Mary I

In the centre of this picture is Queen Mary Tudor, with princess Elizabeth I on her right.In this picture, Mary I's expression is different. Unlike the previous portraits of her, her expression in this picture is unusually gracious and is smiling. The men kneeling beside her holding her hands of is the Bishop of London, and then Lord Mayor, and Mary I is receiving homage from them.

This picture commemorates an event that happened in 1553. The Duke of Northumberland had tried to seize the throne for Lady Jane Grey, and fortunately for us, failed. Then following the failing of this attempt, catholic Mary entered London , accompanied by her sister Elizabeth, and all the citizens were cheering. They were delighted to see Mary and Elizabeth come back to rule their country.

Description of Mary I

Mary I was a very cruel person towards people that were protestants. She would just burn them at stake if they didn't change their belief to Catholicism. Mary's hatred toward protestants, even the religion protestantism itself, is indescribable. Her hatred is too deep for words. All this lead to how she got the nickname 'Bloody Mary'. She altogether burnt 300 people or more at stake during her time when she reigned the country.

Mary hatred toward his father, Henry VIII, was also too deep for words. Shortly after Mary was born, his father kept her away from her mother and didn't allow them to see each other. It was not until the day her mother, Catherine of Aragon, died when she met her. Mary only got to see her mother one time, and had never got to spend time with her own mother, even when she was a child. Mary basically spent her childhood without her mother, she didn't know what it was like to have a mother, and maybe didn't even know what her own mother looked like. So Mary hated her father very much, and never forgave his father for what he had did to her. 

Mary's Contribution to the Reformation

Mary is also a person who contributed to the Reformation a lot. However, she contributed to it in quite a different way than her brother and half-brother (Henry VIII and Edward VI). Instead of changing the religion from Catholicism to Protestantism, she basically spent her whole life trying to recover the religion back to Roman Catholicism. And though she didn't completely recover everything the way it was before, but she did weaken the power of protestantism a bit at that time.

Mary hated Protestants/Protestantism a lot. Mary liked her religion that she belonged to, Catholicism. And she especially hated people who were protestants. She burnt 300 people live at stake. Her cruel behavior soon earned her the nickname of 'Bloody Mary'.